Drama Club is an extra mural activity where learners are able to express their creativity.  Some of the activities we do in Drama Club include warm up activities, one being “Snake, snail and giraffe stretch”, which learners love, “Getting dressed”, “Mirror” warm ups and many more. 


Ice breakers are a great hit too and help learners overcome their shyness.  So far this year, learners took turns to “mould” each other and learnt how to keep their bodies relaxed and allow their bodies to be “moulded” by others, learners were given two different fairy tales and had to combine them with a modern twist, they modernized nursery rhymes, they performed short skits and communicated via mimes, learnt how to use expression, intonation and volume in their voice and much more. 


We had a student teacher with us for a few lessons, Ms Weber, who also arranged for a lady who had spent time at the Helen O’ Grady Dance Academy to come and spend two lessons with our learners; during this time they focused on characterisation and improvisation skills.  Learners can look forward to interesting, skill based activities in our Drama Club at Woodbridge Primary.


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