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Grade 6 Excursion to The Chris Barnard Heart Museum on 28 October

We then went through to the actual theatre where the first heart transplant took place in 1967.  The life-like figurines of the doctors, surgeons and nurses had the children amazed.  They saw and heard about Denise Darvall, the donor of the heart which Louis Washkansky received.  They were told about how the blood is kept pumping through the body without a heart for those few vital minutes.

They saw a big sterilizer unit where all the surgical implements were sterilized, which we cover, along with Chris Barnard, in History this term.  They also saw real hearts preserved in glass jars (damaged and healthy ones), including the actual heart used for the first transplant. 

Learners saw the life-like figure of Louis Washkansky lying in his hospital bed after receiving the new heart as well as the office where Chris Barnard worked.

This was a wonderful opportunity for learners to visually have an idea of what the first heart transplant entailed and makes the learning of it in History all the more interesting :-)

The Grade 6 learners were unsure what to expect when they climbed onto the busses on Friday morning.  They chatted away enthusiastically as we made our way to Observatory.  On arrival, we started off with a video of Chris Barnard’s life – learners had many questions after this, which they were not shy to ask. 

6T Maths Whizz – 75%+ for Maths

Dinovique, Larson, Chineme, Cassidy, Anitha,

Tanyaradzwa, Mardoche, Bliss, Jared


Grade 6A
Where will reading take you?
Nicole, Fatimah, Kulthoom, Anke, Azola, Amber, Perside, Zintle, Buntu, Ra'eesha, Lawrence and Zarah
Grade 6A  - Maths Whizz - Anke, Perside, Buntu, Lawrence, Jared
Grade 6E
Where will reading take you?
ZERO DEMERITS - 6E  - Zero demerits - Caroline, Dane, Tracey, Nawaal, Ruth, Tino,Ferdous,Emihle, Likhona, and Nicolene
Grade 6E - Maths Whizz - Sean, Nawaal, Ruth, Ferdous, Emihle, Likhona
Grade 6T
Where will reading take you?
ZERO DEMERITS - Grade 6T  - Dinovique, Cassidy, Larson, Christina, Amanda, Liyema, Amahle, Anitha, Khanya, Shashe-Lee
Grade 6T Maths Whizz - Cassidy, Amahle, Anitha, Dinovique, Larson, Tanyaradzwa

Grade 6A is toad-ally ready for Term 4

6A zero demerits

Anke, Perside, Jayde, Zarah, Kimberley, Fatimah, Ra’eesha, Lawrence

6A Maths Whizz – 75% + for Maths - Lawrence

Grade 6T is toad-ally ready for Term 4

6T zero demerits

Dinovique, Tanyaradzwa, Cassidy, Christina, Leigh-Ann,

Amanda and Shashe-Lee

Grade 6E is toad-ally ready for Term 4

6E zero demerits

Nataniah, Caroline, Dane, Tamzyn, Nawaal, Ruth, Tino,

Yolani, Ferdous, Emihle, Chanelle, Likhona, Nicolene

6E Maths whizz – 75%+ for Maths

Ferdous, Sean, Joshua F, Fhulu, Joshua V, Xavier, Emihle, Likhona, Nawaal, Ruth, Yasser

Top Learners in Grade 6

  • English, Afrikaans and Social Sciences – Nawaal

  • Maths – Cassidy

  • Natural Sciences & Technology – Tanyaradzwa

  • Social Sciences – Lawrence

  • Life Skills – Anitha

  • 3rd in Grade 6 – Anitha

  • 2nd in Grade 6 – Nawaal

  • 1st in Grade 6 – Cassidy

Grade 6 learners hard at work


1. Learners were very excited on their bus trip to Kirstenbosch

2. They were sad to learn of the many extinct and endangered plants

3. Rubbing the various flowers in the garden and identifying their smells.

4. Trying to count how old the fossil tree stump was when it became a fossil.

5. Learning about a sundial.

6. Following the riddle and clue envelopes.

7. Presenting their findings on medicinal plants. 

8. Great fun was had on the Boomslang.

9. A natural water spring in the shape of a bird.

The Grade 6 Educators eagerly welcomed just over 90 faces to the Grade 6 classrooms a little over a week ago.  The theme that we are focusing on this term is for each learner to BE THEMSELVES, be different, unique, inspired, responsible…not to conform to what others want them to be. 


Gr 6E Display Board


Our classrooms are colourful and welcoming and provide an environment conducive to learning and gaining new knowledge.  Learners are enjoying their  lessons on the E-beam, making it easier to visualize (thank you to the pictures and graphics on the E-beam) the work taught.


Mr Booysen's class - GR 6A
Gr 6A Display Board


We, the Grade 6 Educators, are looking forward to a good 2016 with the learners, who are very eager to learn and participate in class activities. 

We would very much love to have the full support of the parents this year; if we stand together, the learners can only flourish and excel.  We look forward to meeting with each one of you at some stage this year. 

Miss Jappie's class - GR 6T
Mrs Pape's class - GR 6E

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